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Our facials are customized to meet your individual skin needs. We specialize in result-driven, clinical treatments using a combination of the most natural and clinical products to help you achieve lasting results.  An anti-aging collagen + peptide gel eye mask is included with each facial treatment:  a luxurious treatment with clinical results to help fade away fine lines and welcome a brighter, plumper eye area.

Not sure what facial is right for you?  Your esthetician can help you to choose the treatment which best suits your skins needs.  We are here to help guide you on your personal journey to great skin. 


Waxing Menu


Facial Waxing

Brow- 25
Brow Tweezing- 30
Lip- 15
Brow & Lip- 37
Chin or Cheeks- 15
Jawline or Sides- 20
Ears or Nostrils- 18
Full Face Brows included60

Upper Body Waxing

Half Arm + hands- 30
Full Arm + hands- 45
Neck- 25
Back- 50
Full Back & Shoulders- 65
Chest- 45
Abdomen- 25
Underarm- 25

Lower Body Waxing

Standard Bikini- 45
Extended Bikini (includes backside)- 55
Brazilian Bikini– 70
Maintenance Brazilian- 60
Backside- 35
Full Leg + feet/toes- 80
Half Leg- 45
Full Leg & Bikini-115
Feet/Toes- 10

Bright Eyes

Brow tint- 20
Lash tint- 30
Bright eye package (brow & lash tint + brow wax)- 65

*Maintenance Brazilian discount applies to clients who book a maintenance wax within 5 weeks after full price Brazilian service at Theory S&W.

** Add any bikini to a full leg wax – receive $10 off, $5 off with half leg.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Waxing is never performed on clients using Accutane and is not recommended for clients using Retin-A, Renova, Differin, antibiotics or any other type of skin thinning medications. Please inform your technician if you are using any medication or products that could affect your skin or if you have recently had any chemical or laser peels.


Facials Menu



Our signature facial is truly all encompassing & provides something for every skin type. This facial is customized specifically to your skins needs. Cleanse, exfoliate, extractions, mask and massage leaving your skin feeling vibrant and rejuvenated.
1hr- 110


Age gracefully but not lying down. A combination of corrective skincare products and a generous exfoliation including microdermabrasion and/or peel treatments, finished with deep hydration, leaving your skin fresh and brilliant.
1hr- 135


Deep Cleanse your pores with this complexion-clearing treatment. Cleanse, exfoliate, extract and heal. Discover how great your skin can be!
1 hr- 110

Detox Organically: 

OSEA organic products help you float away while treating your skin with plant-based products. This marine infused line will delight you with peptides and seaweed that help wash away toxins, inflammation and stress. Leaving you a better version of yourself.
1hr- 110


On the Glow Treatments Menu



A professional strength peel chosen just for you, a customized rejuvenating mask and collagen+peptitde eye treatment for fast results on the glow.
25 min- 75


Microdermabrasion treatment followed by a hydrating mask and collagen+peptide eye treatment. You won’t believe this simple treatment with big results!
30 min- 75

Microderm & Peel Combo

An advanced exfoliation is achieved with microdermabrasion and a brightening mask or peel. Scalp massage & hydrating mask and collagen+peptide eye treatment leaves your skin with a firmer & brighter appearance.
30 min-100


*Add an Oxygenating Treatment to any facial this antioxidant therapy supports skin metabolism and healing leaving skin purified, glowing and radiant. 30